On behalf of SU Gender and Culture committee, we would like to wish all new student a warm welcome for fresh new semester.

Gender and Culture committee aims to celebrate the multicultural environment at AIT and takes initiatives to solve gender related issues on campus. It seeks to educate the campus on equity and inclusion. We also plan events that connect people of diverse culture, ethnicity and race by fostering innovative ideas. As every year, we plan to organize the flagship event of SU- Culture Show. We will also be organizing a food festival where the community can explore and celebrate the cultural diversity of AIT through the exchange of culinary heritage. We hope that all the members of the AIT community will join us as we attempt to promote exchange and understanding of All’s diverseĀ  student body through creative and engaging mediums of art that reflect the communities culture

Looking forward to see you all !

Contact us: suculture.ait@gmail.com

Chairperson – Rasita Srikerdkruen

Secretary – Sindhu Krishna Rajahad