It is a great honor and privilege for me to articulate this message on behalf of the Student Union and to welcome our new friends to AIT in the beginning of the New Year. The Student Union brings in front an­ other fruitful and fun packed semester.


Since its early establishment, Student Union is a formal body of students which has been passionately working as a team to organize various interactive aca­ demic events, sports, cultural, and entertaining events which bridges between your studies and recreation. I also encourage you to take part in all activities and contribute to its success. We as a team affirm to stand for students, consider student interest and student concerns as our prime motives and work with a sole aim of fulfilling your needs and interests to make this campus life comfortable and a more blissful one. AIT student community gains its attire and magnificence through its unique assortment and potential to achieve glory.


I extend a hearty congratulations and warm welcome on being selected to continue the journey of your career at AIT. It provides a platform to learn and con­ tingent each other in a global level. Let us share the vision to bring AIT as a world class institute to attain zenith in a different level. And I as the SU President strongly believe that this year will be more productive one for you all and all these moments will leave a trail in your heart !!

Wish you all success in future endeavours!!


Piraya Lueprasitsakul

SU President – Piraya Lueprasitsakul