SU Academics, January-2017 team wish you all a very happy new year. We are eagerly waiting to start this semester with several exuberant and essential academic activities.You will be happy to know, we are going to prepare first ever Research Magazine of SU, AIT where we will assemble research work of AIT Students and we hope this magazine will be a great platform for many students of AIT to get their desired job . Besides that, we will organize weekly online quiz contest by which students of AIT will get chance of brainstorming and practicing different aspects of knowledge and will be kept in touch with the contemporary issues happening around the world. We will arrange Academic Olympiad, most attractive and expected event for AIT student, too. We are expecting to bring some new dimensions and make the Olympiad more interesting this time. We will arrange Thai language class, Research exhibition, debate competition and a seminar on writing scientific research too. Whatever we are planning is all for you, so we aspire your active participation to make all events successful. Finally, we wish you all to have a joyous and blissful semester ahead.

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Chairperson – Zarraf Tajwar Adib

Secretary – Sarmin Rauf