Hello and Monsoon Season’s Greetings from the SU-Academics Aug-2017 Team. For this semester, we are waiting to welcome you all with several educational and fun curricular academic activities. There will be monthly debate competition for students to promote  their knowledge and communication skills, and also to be aware of the local and global issues. We will host Academic Olympiad, with new exciting improvements. There will also be a regular Thai Language class, Research Publications and Research Exhibition, SPSS Workshops, and Communication and presentation skill improvement Workshops. We aspire all of you actively participate to make successful and memorable moment with us.

We wish you all have the most exciting, enjoyable, and memorable semester.

Contact us: suacad.ait@gmail.com

Chairperson - Farman Ulah

Chairperson – Farman Ulah

Secretary - Helio Brites Da Silva

Secretary – Helio Brites Da Silva