Current Events

Here are some upcoming events that SU will organise on this August 2018.

  1. Accommodation Day & Campus Tour: A tour of the AIT campus, informing new students about various locations will be done on 3rd of January. Assembly point is the Accommodation Office.
  2. Welcome Party: A party for new students will be organised on 11th of January evening, venue Korea House.
  3. Welcome Games: Various games for all new students will be organised on 15th of January in the Main ground.
  4. Welcome Movie: A movie show for new students will be organised on 19th of January venue Milton E. Bender Jr. Auditorium.
  5. DJ Battle Party: DJ Competition will be organised on 24th of January, venue SU Café.
  6.  Thai Language Survival Course, a five day Thai Language Course Program will start from 21st of January and it will continue till 29th January with regular interval.
  7. Welcome Trip: A welcome trip for new students on 2nd February. Further details will be circulated soon by the SU Leisure committee.
  8. Valentine’s Party: A valentine party organised by Film & Entertainment for all the students will be held on the 8th of February at the SU cafe from 7.00 p.m. on wards
  9. Mini Marathon and Slow cycling : A mini marathon and slow bicycle has been organised on the 10th of February by SU Sports. Register yourself now.
  10. Latex Workshop: Latex workshop for students organised by SU Academics will be held on 12th February. Register yourself now.
  11. Food Market: Come and enjoy food from different regions of the world in the food market organised by SU campus and environment on the 13th of February.
  12. Cultural show: The most extravagant event of the semester will be held on 16th the February @ AIT CC. The event is organised by SU Gender & Culture.
  13. Alumni Talk: An Alumni talk organised by SU External Affairs on 21st of February @ MEB auditorium.
  14. 1st GA: The first general assembly for the 2019 January semester on the 22nd of February.
  15. Mini Olympic Opening Ceremony: The commencement of competitive sports and games in AIT starts on 2nd of March in AIT ground. It is organized by SU sports.
  16. Painting Competition: A chance for the painters in AIT to show their skills and win cash prizes. Event is organized by SU Film and Entertainment on the 6th of March at China Center.
  17. Relaxation Party: To release the exam stress SU Assets and Recreation has organized a party on the 8th of March in SU café.
  18. SPSS Workshop: The workshop is organized by SU Academic Affairs on the 13th & 14th of March for the students to learn on how to use the SPSS software.
  19. Scavenger hunt: The second biggest event in AIT hits of on the 17th of March. The event which is organized by SU Film and Entertainment will test your limits.
  20. Career Fair & Research Exhibition: Many career opportunities can be expected at the career fair which is organized by Career Center with collaboration from SU External Affairs. Students can exhibit their research in the career fair. The research exhibition will be organized by SU Academics. Both events are held together on the 27th of March at AIT conference center.
  21. Food Fair: Come and experience exquisite food from many countries at the Food Fair organized by SU Culture and Gender on the 29th of March in front of AIT pond.

Thank you !!!

Have a joyful day every day in AIT.

**Please Note**

These dates are tentative. Any changes will be certainly informed to every student.

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