Current Events

Here are some upcoming events that SU will organise on this August 2018.

  1. Accommodation Day & Campus Tour: A tour of the AIT campus, informing new students about various locations will be done on 3rd of January. Assembly point is the Accommodation Office.
  2. Welcome Party: A party for new students will be organised on 11th of January evening, venue Korea House.
  3. Welcome Games: Various games for all new students will be organised on 15th of January in the Main ground.
  4. Welcome Movie: A movie show for new students will be organised on 19th of January venue Milton E. Bender Jr. Auditorium.
  5. DJ Battle Party: DJ Competition will be organised on 24th of January, venue SU Café.
  6.  Thai Language Survival Course, a five day Thai Language Course Program will start from 21st of January and it will continue till 29th January with regular interval.
  7. Welcome Trip: A welcome trip for new students on 2nd February. Further details will be circulated soon by the SU Leisure committee.

Thank you !!!

Have a joyful day every day in AIT.

**Please Note**

These dates are tentative. Any changes will be certainly informed to every student.

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